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Kires has left the building  
06:59pm 01/05/2004
I'll be back to the world Thursday. Till then, I'm not answering my phone, checking my email, or doing much of anything at all involving the internet. Studying now for finals Monday and Tuesday. Assuming that I don't suck too big-n-juicy of a donkey nose on the finals, I'll be graduating from PBCC with an AA in liberal arts. Perhaps it's not such a big accomplishment in the larger sceme of things... but it'll make me the first man on either side of my family to graduate college (I would have been the first to graduate high school... but I didn't, so that honor shall fall to my eldest son. It had better, or I'll kick his skinny little ass.) Funny, I thought I'd be all happy about it, but actually, I'm kinda scared of it ... oh well. That first will fit nicely, i think, with the growing list of middle fingers I've raised in honor of my ancestoral demons. (I think I just jinxed the phuz-uhk out of myself... hrmmm) After finals, I'll be taking Manling the elder to St. Augustine on Wed. and Thu. Getting back to town sometime Thursday night, at which point, well, ... all bets are off.

Wish me luck on my finals, 'cause if those ancestoral demons are gonna get creative, it'll be now.
mood: gathering...gathering...
music: Project Pitchfork - I`ll Find My Way Home
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04:00pm 01/05/2004 (UTC)
MOSTly: b/w head back
picword: b/w head back
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04:24pm 01/05/2004 (UTC)
Geeky Chick
GOOD LUCK! i am sure you will kick ass :)
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04:38pm 01/05/2004 (UTC)
The Slayer
Sending much luck your way!!!
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07:32pm 01/05/2004 (UTC)
Good Luck!
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08:01pm 01/05/2004 (UTC)
Banter of Rhetoric
Good luck bro, you will do just fine!
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05:27am 02/05/2004 (UTC)
Hey kires, Do you remember Birdie? Just curious. I was just thinking about him for some reason. His mom collected socks. Her whole house was full of socks, all sizes and colors.

He tried to get you to play something other than Leonard Cohen. He said you were scaring the hippies. Funny!!!
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01:57am 07/05/2004 (UTC)
Thank-you, all that wished me luck. As for those of you that didn't wish me luck ... you can go to hell. :-)
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10:46am 07/05/2004 (UTC)
you really thought you needed it?
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