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Even crappy concerts can be fun.  
04:48pm 17/05/2003
Last night, I saw Bozo Porno Circus at respects. They are excellent performers, and not-so-excellent musicians. ... Ok, they sucked. But damn, their show was cool. They had a couple of chicks with die grinders vigorously applying them to metal plates on each-other's crotches, strap-on dildoes, and mediocre dancing. All in all, it would have been better if I'd been drunk, but it was so ridiculously bad that I had a great time, lol. After the show, the music started up, and a good time was had by all that remained, which wasn't too many, as most of the regulars stayed away because of the show, and the people that were there to see it left with it. Anyway, around 2 AM, the place got dark and quiet, which was surprising, because it doesn't close till 3. The power had failed, damn it. There were some patrons at the bar, who decided to make their own music with their hands and feet and some bar equipment kindly donated by the bartenders. I'm not sure how, but somehow they managed to be worse than the band. The phrase "so white it hurts" occurred to me more than once. They wound down after about half an hour, and I was getting ready to leave when one of the bicycle taxies was driven through the front door. They have little battery powered stereos in them, and the taxi pedaler turned it up and rode around the dance floor blinking his lights and playing some really bad eighties music. By now, there were only about 15-20 people there. I had a final cigarette and setrtled up at the bar, then came home. On the way back to the truck, I heard a couple of guy discussing the blackout. It seems that another club had caused it by driving their sound equipment too hard, and blowing one of the local breakers. I made it home ok.

The next night, I took one of my roomates with me to see Ministry. We got there a bit late, missed the opening act, which some friends who had'nt told me was well worth missing. The second act came on,and did a pretty good job, especially their cover of "Personal Jesus". It was kind of like Manson meets the Misfits; I guess you had to be there... anyway, after their set, I got some more booze, and sound checks began with some bored looking little guy coming out in ear muffs and screaming into the mike... Whatever happened to "check one two three"? Anyway, after a few minutes of this the show started. A mosh pit erupted around me, and I had a blast from there on. I was kinda torn between playing in the pit and watching the show, which was really interesting. They had a big screen playing random disturbing images, and their showmanship was generall excellent. Just a step or 2 under pigface, IMHO Everything from George Bush to clips of poeple getting the business end of a flame-thrower. I found myself going back and forth between the pit and the show, because you just can't do both at once. (Well, I guess you could, but you'd get trampled pretty quick, because you kind of have to pay attention in a pit, lol.) I saw one of the bouncers from respects in the pit, that was cool. After the show ended, I headed up to respects, and did some more dancing, 'cause I was all amped up from the show. The power stayed on that night, and I had fun for a while, then my back hurt a bit, so I came home, figured out how to dial an internation number, and talked to a friend of mine in south africa. All in all, a good night.
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: "The Score" on tv.
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