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Bouncing through...  
06:55pm 20/05/2004
Had a fine time in Atlanta and New Jersey. Made it home (finally) after being stuck in Atlanta for a few days. Being stuck in atlanta wasn’t so bad, except for the fact that my bag had made it to West Palm with no problem. A misunderstanding of the way of things when traveling on a buddy pass caused havok, and got me stranded. Had to call home for a plane ticket home. More later. Must eat now, and sleep. yesssss, sleep. Then it’s off to Ft Meyers to work! In a few weeks, I’ll be haeding off to IN to help my dad move to CO.Seems to be something of a theme for this summer, lol.
music: Die Form - bite of dog
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New Jersey?
07:30pm 20/05/2004 (UTC)
You were in New Jersey and didnt see me? :-(
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Re: New Jersey?
07:04pm 22/05/2004 (UTC)
I tried to get a hold of you before the trip, but couldn't catch you online. Maybe on this new trip coming up?
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