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(no subject)  
08:10pm 29/05/2004
So, after a ten hour round trip, Annekes is back in Jacksonville. I was on my way to west palm to collect my stuff from Tynin’s place, when she called and told me that she had to get back, like, now. Turns out two of her friends had been shot. Teenaged brother and sister, shot in a home invasion. So I had her brought over to west palm to meet me at Tynin’s place, (once Carlos had finished washing the car, the dipshit) and we left from there. The brother is out of the hospital and the sister is, I believe, out of ICU, recovering, and expected to go home in a few days. Since there was nothing for me to do in JAX, I came back to belle glade, and have been carting stuff around since I got up. Grandma is fading, I think. She’s still refusing to throttle back in the amount of housework she insists on doing, and she’s practically stopped eating. When a 93-yr-old loses 17 lbs in the space of a month... in police work, that’s referred to as a “clue”. She wasn’t a big woman to begin with, either, dig? The whole garage thing isn’t helping out a lot, either. Grandma is just going bugnuts over the fact that it’s full of stuff, “trashed” is the word she uses. So, I’m moving shit from there over to my house, so her blood pressure will drop a few points before something gives in her skwoosy bits, and she keels over. Anyway, I’m leaving Wed on a road trip. Up to Indiana, to move my father to Colorado. I’ll prolly stop at some of my various stomping grounds on the way. Orlando, Atlanta, DC, Pittsburgh, maybe NJ just for kicks. Once pater is safely installed in CO, I’ll be free to come back here. Might be able to work in a stopover in Seattle to see flutewater, it’s not that far from Colorado, is it? OK, back to carrying heavy shit around and playing referee ‘twixt the mother and the matriarch.
mood: Breakers popped.
music: VNV Nation - Honour (memorial Remix)
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(no subject)
11:57pm 29/05/2004 (UTC)
Do you consider 1500 miles far? That's the distance between Denver and Seattle. At least that's what mapquest said.
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(no subject)
09:35am 30/05/2004 (UTC)
Fifteen hundred miles? That's nuthin. I'll be there.
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