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moving on again  
01:54pm 08/06/2004
The windshield has been replaced, and the repair guy was pretty cool. We talked about motorcycles, children, and various adventures had when traveling around the country. The windshield was put back on in such a way as to make it possible to remove intact when I go to do the rest of the body work. So now, all that remains is to finish up the book I'm reading, "The Davinci Code", and load up, and head out. I just finished "Angels and Demons", the precursor to it, and am developing a fine appreciation for Dan Brown's writing. Not quite as god as David Brinn, but definitely in the same league.

I'll be glad when I no longer find it necessary to go ricocheting around the country like a deranged pinball every time I need to find some inner peace. I've heard that there are other methods of introspection and clarity, but the only ones that have ever worked for me involve either thousands of miles of asphalt or significant blood loss, and man, that's just not cool. OK, so maybe it was cool a few years ago, but this isn't the sort of thing that one can keep up indefinitely. It's tiring, you know? I find myself wondering were I'll be sleeping next, which isn't much of a problem, except that I never used to wonder before. That looks like the beginning of a trend that I don't want to begin.

Bah! I'm gonna go read some more. Funny, my lifestyle right now could be described as contemplative, except for the whole nation-wide zoomy thing. Tomorrow night, I'll be in PA, and will likely get a chance to visit with my son, Keane for a few hours. That would be cool, as I haven’t seen him for a while. I’ going to look into the whole phone-post thing, just so I can keep a better record of my travels. We’ll see how that works out.
mood: getting up steam...getting up steam...
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(no subject)
05:41am 09/06/2004 (UTC)
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong
100% unrelated, but I don't know if you're checking your e-mail: Flogging Molly will be in Atlanta again on July 28!
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11:20pm 10/06/2004 (UTC)
Who What where when why andd Iam going to do my be st to make this as incorrect as I see fit right now for i know you r a stickler4 PUNCTUATION?grammeeeerrrrrrr . I apologiise for this rude sspasTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTic Little comment. I just am VERY concernedabout for who youare has been will do become what who knows untill you are there. I love you trust you know that you camn handle yourself but still WHEN I hear about you waking up in the manner you did What I still have for you inside the mess that is me it JOLTS and causes such chaos that I could just Scream . No this is mot overexaggerated for effect. I feel that you are being selfish but it is a bout damn time just don't get caught ..........well by the police anyway. By the way when I showed up at the hospital it didn't matter to anyone concerned LEAST of all me. That disturbs me. I am no longer concerned with any of them least of all myself, so that road trip every one so graciously took part in was a big waste of time ........for the time being........Don't comment on this terrible cry for attention , not you Kires or any one else who reads this stuff........ Because I have been here with you , through alot, and deserve these spats . I feel though there is something not Kosher between the two of us due to your actions during the last visit, that is why I did what I did and I am not sorry for it. I had to hit you where it would slightly annoy you, DO you want it back???????????????? And if you haven't figured out who this is by now don't even bother to keep in touch. More happened to me on that visit concerning things that are really not m ine to deal with than I even care to discuss. i am really not in the mood ever at any point to read a response to this on this onesided communication mobile. Some how somewhere I have a RYMRREASONRIGT to do what just happened here Maybe I can figure that outmaybe I will get the balls to post it ooooopppppps I did.
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Re: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12:53am 14/06/2004 (UTC)
soooo... if I haven't guess who this is, then I shouldn't contact you, Leslie? Well, allright, Leslie.
Geeze, Leslie, I sure hope I can guess who this is, Leslie. OItherwise I would have to not get in touch with you, Leslie. And that would kinda suck, you know, Leslie?
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