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Church tonight!  
07:31pm 12/06/2004
The last time I was in Indiana, I was in a town called Peru. It's about an hour northeast of my current location, Lafayette. I had a part time job with the office of the tribe I'm a member of, the Miami's.  (no relation to the city in Florida) I spent a few weeks getting to know the tribe, it's elders, and learning about that branch of my ancestory. Long story short, I was homeless for a while, and was taken in by a bunch of bikers. I also adopted a wounded kitten I found, whom I named Ceaty... pronounced "See-eh-Tea"... get it? Christian bikers, headed up by a very large ex- Hell's Angels enforcer who's name I've since forgotten. I recall that he was about 6'5", weighed about 450 lbs, and carried an oxygen tank around with him. Asthma, I think was the reason, but I have little faith in the minutia of my recollections from so far. He had found Jesus, who had told him that cracking heads was not the way, so he changed his vocation, which seemed the proper course. They let me sleep on a pew in their church, and shared their food with me. They held their services on Saturday nights because, as they put it, folks don't go out sinning on Sunday mornings. Seems like sound logic to me. I got on well with them, and they helped me through some tough shit, which I won't get into here. In return, I fixed things for them, most notably an electrical issue with their headman's hog. The wires for the stator coil of it's alternator had worn through and shorted out, draining the battery. I never really adopted thier beliefs, but we were friends. Seeing as how it's now Saturday night, I think I'll take a ride up to Peru and see if they're still around, after I get a shower. Hopefully, they are. There's a philosophical conversation I started with one of their ministers about 8 years ago that I think should be finished, or at least continued. I'll see how it goes down, I guess.  I'll take some pictures if all goes well, and so maybe we'll all see hoew it goes down.
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music: the coming storm and the cooling fans
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