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Phone Post:  
09:50pm 12/06/2004
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“I went looking for The Church, but thebuilding it was in has since been turned to a nightclub called Hangar 18. It's a bunch of freaks hanging 'round outside; I'm gonna go check it out. Currently standing on a bridge over a river... this is the river where I went fishing with the Christian bikers, and the kids went and swam in the river... and this is also the river where I was walking along and heard a little meowing from the bushes, and found a kitten I named Kitty.

The trip's been nice so far. Maybe I'll find some information on The Church, to see if it's moved, which would be disappointing. And - that's about it for now. Bye.”

Transcribed by: shadesong
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07:35pm 13/06/2004 (UTC)
Spring Dew
Argh!!! Am havink no SOUND!! Am beink not able to tranSCRIBE post. Am beink miserable.

*squeezes* Hope your Indiana adventure is at least as fun as some of mine have been. I think. Not a lot of memory there ...
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12:21am 14/06/2004 (UTC)
ti thank you, anyway.
I'll see if I can make it play on the puter here...
but prolly not.
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