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You learn something new everyday.  
10:54pm 18/06/2004
I never knew it was possible for a bone to be bruised, but according to my elbow, it is. So, well and well. I'm glad it's not broken; that would have added new vistas of suckage to the upcoming move. Speaking of "the move", events are proceeding nicely. The plan is as follows. Rick (my father) will be flying out of here to Colorado on the 1st of July, and I'll be following in his truck, loaded with his stuff, and pulling my car along behind. The ticket has been bought, and everything seems to be proceeding smoothly. We just got done watching "Bound" a better than decent movie made by the same fellas that did the Matrix. Gangsters, lesbians, and 2 million dollars.... cool. Now I think I'll lay my little head dpwn to sleep for a bit. Good night, moon.
mood: anxiousanxious
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