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Barbarian joke.  
04:47am 20/05/2003
A barbarian hero is captured by an enemy tribe, and brought before their chief. The chief says "I'll let you live, if you can pass these four ordeals. First, you must walk barefoot over this bed of hot coals, then you must drain this quart of our strongest spirits in a single draught. After that, you must pull a tooth from the mouth the man-eating lioness in yonder cave. Lastly, you must make love to the oldest, ugliest hag in our village." Without a pause, out hero removes his boots and says "bring on the coals". He walks across the coals manfully, then drains the jug of spirits. Tossing it aside, he staggers into the cave. Blood-curdling screams and howls are heard. Roars shake the ground, and all those listening find their blood chilled. After a few minuets, the sounds of battle fade. Believing the barbarian to be lion-food, the villagers take up a cheer. Suddenly, our hero staggers from the cave, bruised and bleeding. He makes his way unsteadily to the chief and says, "Right! Now, where's the old woman with the toothache?"
mood: amusedamused
music: kmfdm - drug against war (-: Digital Gunfire :- [Industrial Strength Aural Assault] )
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