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Last week.  
06:51am 03/06/2003
First, I start the week but having a hard time sleeping. After a few days of this, things got interesting. My mother comes barging into my room (which she hasn't done since that fateful day when I was 14, lol) with my eldest son in tow, announces that she's had it, and he's my responsibility. ... um ... ok? Mind you, I have no problem with this, it's just a little sudden, because I had no idea she was taking him that day, and she lives about 40 miles away. But hey, I'm adaptable. So I send the manling out to get his ass whipped in MK3 by some friend of my roommate's, and wake to find him comfortably on the couch, asking about dinner. He gets fed, washed and tucked into my bed, and I get my backside into work. He's there for about a few days, but he's getting kinda bored. His mother has decided to divorce her husband, and she wants me to officiate, because I'm bigger and generally calmer than him. Sigh.

Well, it goes smoother than I anticipated and no-one gets wrapped up. Once he's [the soon-to-be-ex-husband] gone back to his mommies house, we discuss our progeny, and what is to be done with/ about him in the not-to-distant future. She's not happy about he idea of giving her son up, and it takes some explaining to get her convinced that that's not what I'm doing. Finally, she does concede that yes, he's been getting harder to handle lately, and it will not be too much longer before she can't handle him any more. So it's tentatively decided that he'll be coming to live with me in the not too distant future. I was anticipating this, but not for another year or 2. Certainly not this week! But it's obvious that now that he's hitting puberty, he needs a father more. More than that, he needs a father there on a regular basis, which I've not been so good at until recently. On the way back from her place, I realized that there's only one course of action I can take regarding him. It's not enough to simply be there. I've got to set an example for him, and not just in the things I say and do. Kids are perceptive, you know? It's not going to be as simple or as easy as saying and doing the right thing, or giving good advice, or that whole "discipline" thing. (as if those were easy things to begin with, lol) No, what I show him isn't enough, he's too smart for that. I've got to actually become as cool as I would have him be, so that when he sees through what I say and do, he'll see that it's real. Aw, Christ! There's no way I can get that cool that fast.

At some point, I got my car down to the shop, and will hopefully be getting it back soon.

Other than that, my grandmother's house got broken into and I get to see to replacing the wall, I met my son's counselor and was summarily disgusted by the manual-reading, rote-speaking, condescending prick, and my parents, aka my mother and grandmother, are not getting along. One of 'ems gonna get buried soon (even odds) if they don't cool off pretty quick. I get to go play mediator between a senile matriarch and her frazzled caretaker.

Other than that, It was a pretty dull week.
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08:40am 03/06/2003 (UTC)
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There's no way I can get that cool that fast.

You already are. At this point it's a matter of practice, in both senses of the word.
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