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just so you know...  
01:26am 03/09/2004
my house is made of concrete block. Concrete block filled with concrete. It was built right after the whole town got wiped out in '28, so it was built specifically to withstand storms, and 10' walls of water. (which is what took out the town that time.) I'm staying right here. I've got a generator, 2 UPS's, and tivo. i also have a fridge full of ice and cupboards full of water. canned goods abound. i live in belle glade, about 40 miles from the coast.

and now, the point:

this is an open invitation/ hurricane party announcement. if you do not feel comfortable in your house or wherever you're at, feel free to weather the weather at my place. if you think you might take me up on the offer, my number is 561.992.4316. and, I'll actually have the phone plugged in tonight and tomorrow, which is a rare thing indeed.
mood: happy
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03:09am 03/09/2004 (UTC)
I tried calling, but there was no answer, after 15 rings. sorry!
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03:11am 03/09/2004 (UTC)
I wish I was there. The hurricane sounds fun! Probably not too much fun fixing the damage though.
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