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OK, I'm bored now.  
05:51am 04/09/2004
And so I think it's about time I did something about it...

I've got the TV and tivo running on an old-assed linear UPS, which has been "modified" slightly. That is, it's got 2 HUGE deep-cycle marine batteries instead of the one little one it used to. The computer's ups is powering this laptop and the dsl router. i've converted the lighting of the rooms I'm in to a few 20watt halogen bulbs, and they're jes a'waiting. Lastly, I "custom engineered" (hacked and soldered, then duct-taped all to hell) a cable to run from the RV's generator to the house. As soon as the public power drops, I'm killing the breakers to the big stuff (AC, Fridge, Water Heater, and switching the house over to the generator. Now that the wind and rain have arrived, and I've finished all the preparing that I'm gonna prepare, it's time to hang out with my uncle. I'm gonna be updating every hour or so, for as long as I can stay online. Kinda like a hurricane blog-a-thon, except it's just me, so I guess it's more like a hurricane "ooohhhh look at the pretty colors of the sky-a-thon". OK, so that's a silly name... but oh well. Gimme some slack. It's damn near six in the morning!
mood: yip-skippity-gee-bah!
music: Lights of Euphoria - Nothing at All (DigitalGunfire.com)
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