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the cycle begins again...  
07:45pm 04/06/2003
Yesterday I was quite productive. I got a big chunk of my bedroom cleared out and my son's computer nearly completed. (finally). Then I went to work, and succeeded in not physically attacking the incompetent boob that providence and management have conspired to inflict upon me and my fellow third-shifters. I kicked ass again today. I made a lot of headway on my car project. The most to date, in fact. It's amazing how much faster work goes when you've got a fully equipped shop in which to do so. I had a pretty good time, too. But now it's 7:30-ish, and getting near time to go take my place in the meat-shield that is Vertigo's technical support. I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds in store for me, heh.
mood: awake ... damnit.
music: Gary Numan - The Angel Wars
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07:43pm 04/06/2003 (UTC)
Kyng of all things Skull-ish
TCMorgueBattie told me a little about your car project. I'm gonna have to root through your older posts to see what info I can find on it.

It seems I'm always in the middle of car projects as well. Ah, to dream of a full garage...
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