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well damn  
04:52pm 04/09/2004
it looks like the storm is starting to gather and organize. the weather report on channel 34 just mentioned it. furthermore, the projected path has been modified to include the possibility of a WSW track. granted, the consensus seems to be that it'll move wnw when it starts to move again, but it's still not moving. heh, I get the feeling that it's paused to marshal its forces, and will be coming across Florida like a steam roller once it gets its shit together, which it seems to be doing. it has not yet been officially upgraded, but there were reports of sustained winds of the next magnitude.... so we'll see. heh. I'm kinda tired, and I kinda want to take a nap, but I don't want to miss this. Time for more amphetamines, I guess.
mood: ready
music: trees cracking
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