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Still here.  
10:05pm 04/09/2004
Frances is still squatting over the S Fl coast, casually gnawing away. According to the "official" report, the damned lazy thing is moving, but according to the radar picture, it still seems to be pretty much where it's been all day. I can hear the metal sheet of the soon-to-be-ex-roof flapping in the wind about 3 blocks away. If I had my camera here, I'd have taken pictures of it. It really is a sight. I mean you haven't really lived until you've seen a tin roof gently flapping in the breeze. As you can "hopefully" guess, my DSL connection is still functional, and my generator is still generating. I've got food and water, and plenty of books to read, in the event that TIVO should crap out. This is why direct TV rocks so greatly. (unless my little dish blows away, in which case, it will immediately suck)

In other news, there are irregular flashes of bright, whitish-violet light happening outside. There is no noise to go with them, and there's no civic power in the area, so I am curious as to their nature. I'm getting sleepy, but I'm determined to ride this thing out. (of town on a rail, for being the most annoying hurricane in recorded history)
mood: and the beat goes on ...
music: The second arrival, on SciFi
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