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that sound  
04:40am 05/09/2004
the sound a tree makes when it breaks in half is very ... distinctive. It really can't be mistaken for anything else. especially when it's over 50 feet tall, and breaks off about half way up. First, comes a sharp, multi-staged crack, like an aborted burst of small arms fire. Then there's the urgent sigh of it's plummet to ground, separate and distinguishable from the sounds of more fortunate trees still unyielding. Finally, after a short eternity, there's the gentle crash as it stops on the road, and i swear, the rebounding action of it branches looks exactly like the last breath of a dying soldier. If I could have heard the rustle of it's leaves in those seconds of rebound, before it's kinetic energy had bled away, I am certain it would have sounded like a death rattle. I'm not going to forget that sound.
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02:04am 05/09/2004 (UTC)
Are you having fun? Your descriptions are nice!
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11:18am 05/09/2004 (UTC)
Nevermore: :southpark
I've always been partial to the sound a tree makes when it explodes in the winter. Not something that's probably ever been heard here in Florida. As far as sounds go it's not that the crackling pop is that impressive so much as the feeling of it. Kinda like the goose just walked over your grave type thing.
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