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08:51am 16/09/2004
I cleaned the house. :-)

I even decorated it! (well, I arranged stuff... don't know if that's the same or not.)

Now, I'm going to go clean and decorate my person. Shortly thereafter, I shall hie my backside hence unto the library, in preparation for the weekly travails heaped upon us poor unfortunates known as "students" by our lords and masters, the almighty beings with the very power of life and death over our GPAs, the Professors. Verily, I shall endeavor to be most punctual, lest the lord high Instructor wax wroth, and evidence his displeasure by violent action unto my odds of passing his class. I go!
mood: satisfied all to hell and back
music: dead can dance - the host of seraphim - Untitled
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06:20am 16/09/2004 (UTC)
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong
Yes. Attend class so that you may use your one free pass of cutting school to drive thryn up here next week.

*decisive nod*

Do it for thryn! She'll wear the pats.
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