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Game on!  
03:21am 26/09/2004
Frances knocked limbs off trees, spread debris around, and sat dumping rain on us for a while. Jeanne is a whole 'nuther creature. Francis hurt the trees across the street from me, pulled a few branches off. Jeanne has taken two of the trees away. ... away, as in "GONE". Not just knocked over and/or broken in half. missing. AWOL. Not there any more. The wind isn't howling. It's roaring. I just went out on the porch, and the rain hurt. I brought a flashlight out with me... but there was too much rain in the wind to see through. The air is opaque and loud. I'm still here, and doing just fine in my little stone house. I think I'll make some breakfast.
mood: rocking and rolling
music: Leonard Cohen - There Is a War
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12:29am 26/09/2004 (UTC)
It sounds fun. Take care of yourself.
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06:33am 26/09/2004 (UTC)
I'm still here, and doing just fine in my little stone house.

Are you the third little pig?

Be safe!
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07:08am 26/09/2004 (UTC)
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong
Damn, man. Wish I was there...
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11:53pm 27/09/2004 (UTC)
evil eric: Cowboy
I slept through the whole thing.
picword: Cowboy
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01:52pm 28/09/2004 (UTC)
expect to see palm tree stumps for a while.. At least that's all that Hurricane Andrew left my family in Kendall :)
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