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briefly back.  
11:18pm 07/10/2004
So, I had an algebra test Monday. I'm not good at math. I need math to be an architect. this is called a "problem". So, i did the only thing I know how to do in situations like that. I waited until the day before the test, and then started studying like a madman. The festivities began about 10 Sunday morning, the test was looming at me from 3PM monday, and i still hate math. So, i upped my meds (yae, amphetamines!) and commenced to a-study'n. Beginning with chapter one and basic algebra, I chewed, clawed, fought, cussed, and occasionally cried my way into the fiery depths of my math book. And lo! Somewhere in the chaos the tide of battle did shift. The seas did part, the demons did flee, and I was victorious! In practically no time at all, I had made it through chapter the first! Giddy with glee, I checked the clock on the wall, and lo! the time was midnight.
OK, so there went the giddy, right out the fucking window. See, the class has been going on for a few months, and the class was up to chapter 4, as was the test itself, doubtlessly. Now, even thought i'm not good at math, i was pretty sure that one chapter every 14 hours was not going to result in any joy at all at test time. What followed ... shall not be spoken of. But i will say that it involved panic, sweat, a little blood, much coffee, truly unwise amounts of amphetamines, and a few hasty bargains with certain representatives of the dark lords who prefer to remain nameless for tax purposes. The short (and pg rated) version is that by noon, I had managed to catch up with the rest of the class, at the mysterious and greatly feared chapter 4. An hour later, i finished the chapter quiz, and found that i apparently had rather more than a bit of competence. So i put together a formula sheet of incredibly tiny font, and realized i was done preparing.There was a quick shower, another round of chemical assistance, and before i knew it, i was dragging my pale, sweaty, and noticeably raccoon-eyed carcass through the halls of learning toward the moment of truth. I thunked into my desk, and waited, not nearly as relaxed as I would have like to have been. The professor arrived, said "hi", and proceeded to inform the class that, due to the recent hurricanes and the havoc they had created, he was postponing the test until the following week.

but.... but .... b-!

I didn't know whether to sniffle and sob, or throw him out a window. ...

So class was had, and new topics and immoral, sometimes even positively downright Amoral convolutions of numbers and letters, with some arcane symbols thrown in for spice, and i braced myself for the usual confusion and dull, focus less resentment and sense of personal shame that usually comes with math class. But the expected befuddlement did not arrive. After a few seconds of shocked disbelief, I realized that I actually (understood) the damned fool gibberish he was babbling... I'm not sure what this means, or if it'll last beyond the next class... but from what I saw that day, ... ::gulp:: I think I may actually be "good" at math.

More later, when this makes some kind of sense, or at least politely pretends to.
mood: confuzzled
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09:16pm 07/10/2004 (UTC)
skitty: newest
I had my own issues with algebra this term. Apparently, having taken Algebra 2 13 years ago did not prepare me fully for College Algebra. I did a bit of fighting and clawing myself. At least - at least - you'll pass the test when it comes.
picword: newest
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10:18pm 07/10/2004 (UTC)
Look at it this way. Now, you have more time to understand it more and be even better at it. That is, if you want to.
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11:08pm 07/10/2004 (UTC)
Captain Napalm: hmmm
Hey, if you need a tutor in algebra, I'm here to help.

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08:05am 08/10/2004 (UTC)
Jessica Rose
being that i loathe math and it loathes me back, i understand your pain greatly. i think you'll pass your exam now, and you should take spc up on his offer, he knows math. ::hugs::
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09:41pm 09/10/2004 (UTC)
my sympathies. your study fest pretty much mirrors my pain the fourth time I went through college algebra. didn't have the procrastination problem, but each session the instructor introduced a new concept, and i sat through it not understanding at all. it would only be after my 8-12 hour homework sessions that i would finally understand, just to do it all over again. there were some days i'd be so frustrated coming out of the class i'd just go buy something. for some reason unbenownst to me, i got an a after failing three times prior. but i sure wish i'd known a tutor or could've afforded one.
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