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Normal chatting...  
06:41am 01/07/2003
And that's the disturbing part.
[06:33] Him: yeah if it is cool with you, stopping over by mutual_friends after work would work well for me.
[06:33] Him: curious, when are we going to lay the smack down on my truck?
[06:33] Him: when we get home? or is some othertime going to work better for you?
[06:33] Him: not sure of when your plans are to sleep.
[06:34] Him: if you are sleeping in the AM in we can forgo mutual_friends and stuff
[06:36] ME: nah.
[06:36] ME: no sleping for me.
[06:36] Him: no rest for the wicked
[06:36] ME: yeah, hiting your truck when we get local from mutual_friend's will be cool.
[06:36] ME: or the stoned!
[06:36] ME: wheee!
[06:37] Him: cool. then my plans are as followed, 1. hit mutual_friends 2. hit the truck 3. hit the bed 4. hit you for making me drive to hell and back 5. masturbate till my thumbs hurt.
[06:37] ME: why would your thumbs .... OH MY GOD!
[06:38] ME: ::whimper:: I don't want my eyes any more...
[06:39] Him: lol i am sorry you found some unseen terror in the thumbs hurting... honestly i am not sure how my thumbs would hurt other than WAY to much masturbating. but i would like to think my hands would cramp or my dick would be raw long before my thumbs gave in.
[06:39] Him: never have tried tho
[06:39] Him: hmmm
[06:44] ME: now where did they hide that "block" icon ? ...
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