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Celestial events and parenting skills...  
01:31am 28/10/2004
As a parent, i think it's important to ensure that children get the most out of cool natural phenomena, such as lunar eclipses. After all, you would, of course, want impress upon their young and pliable psyches the appropriate significance of such a rare sight. My suggestion (at least for a lunar eclipse) is that you wake your child urgently and without warning, as you would if the house were on fire... Doing this will ensure that they are not only awake enough to perceive the coolness in the heavens, but also in the proper state of mind (nervous, expectant, frightened, dependent on their parent) for it's explanation to be accepted at face value.

Rush them out the door as quickly as you can, and demand that they look at the moon. An accusatory tone will be helpful, but if you can pull it off with a straight face. Once their wide, cherubic little eyes settle on the occluding lunar disk, and surprise and/or interest makes itself known in the forms of their cute little face, they will naturally turn to you, the all-wise lord and master of their tiny world for an explanation or reassurance. Naturally, you will explain this mystery of the cosmos to your mini-astronomer. The explanation, obviously, is that we are losing the moon because they were bad. If they hadn't b been so bad, maybe god wouldn't be so mad at everyone (but especially them) and would not be even now, taking the moon away, because only good people get night lights. Starting from here, there are ways to go, but all of them greatly entertaining. Like, "You know, the next time you're bad, God's gonna take away the sun, and everyone will die" (Then ask about their report card, and watch them squirm!)or "Gee, child-o-mine, God must really hate you a lot to make him want to take away the whole moon from everyone just because of you." The fun is limited only by your imagination. But that's a matter of your own personal style of parenting. So keep in mind that your little ones need the guidance and wisdom only their parents can "properly" supply, and furthermore, with a little creativity and a firm grasp on just how gullible toddlers are, parenting can be a lot more fun than it might seem at first.
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12:17am 28/10/2004 (UTC)
You're gonna scare the living shit out your kid - shame, shame.
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01:02am 28/10/2004 (UTC)
Banter of Rhetoric
Please tell me you did that!
As for Zoe, she would not by it for one bit :p
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05:14am 28/10/2004 (UTC)
J Daniel Valencia
Any kid of yours would of course know that you are trying to blame them for your transgressions.

oh, and ha ha.
no, ha ha. I laughed at that. Which sucks cause my throats hurts like fiberglass and sandpaper.
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05:09pm 28/10/2004 (UTC)
Jessica Rose: isis
that is freakin awesome. sounds like something i would do to my kids if i had them. i hope you actually did that to yours.
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