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made it!  
12:24am 02/11/2004
Had a god time this weekend. Went to DC to see some friends, but only one of them showed up. (Hi Kris!) I'll find out the next time i go back up there, which will be hopefully to pay up on a bet I will have lost in a bit less than six months. In other news, I may have halted my recreational use of a certain illicit substance as of Saturday afternoon. Just don't really seem to want to do it anymore... damn! and I really liked it, too! I'll know for sure if this is a permanent thing by next week. Oh well, hafta grow up sometime, I guess. I'm sleepy and hungry now, so i'm gonna curl up on my couch of doom with some clam chowder and tivo's weekend harvest. More detailed tale of the voyage maybe later.
mood: post-trip foogller
music: none
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06:54am 02/11/2004 (UTC)
I absolutely positively guarantee you will pay up on the bet. =D

Twas great to see you!!!!!
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