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Holy shit... I think this may be for real...  
09:10pm 22/11/2004
There's gotta be a joke here somewhere... I just know it!

oh, wait, I got it!...
Behold, the power of cheese!
mood: amused
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06:44pm 22/11/2004 (UTC)
I am so glad to see you post something. I had two weird apocayliptic dreams last week w/ you in them and then I hadn't seen you online. My crazy brian was starting to worry.
If you have a moment would you call me, since my timing sucks, I wanted to ask you a car related question. Since your the only person I know who works on their own car. I want to do something my self and I just want to know that I'm doing it right. Please.
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05:15am 23/11/2004 (UTC)
Jessica Rose: isis
oh dear, this guy is warped. ok, so it kinda looks like the virgin mary is in his sandwhich, but c'mon. i agree with the above post, when i ask, why sell it? if something means that much to you, why sell?
picword: isis
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(no subject)
07:45am 23/11/2004 (UTC)
Spring Dew: puking pumpkin
Apparently it wasn't a hoax:

picword: puking pumpkin
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