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Not dead yet...  
10:56am 05/01/2005
First off, I would like to say that I want very much to meet the engineer responsible for the spare-tire holding mechanism on the toyota previa. Oh, the kicking there would be! Such kicking as has never before been seen by man or devil. Christmas wasn't too bad, actually. Too much stuff has happened since i last updated for me to even try to type it out here. So I guess I'll pick up the telling now, and to hell with where i left off. Today, I'll be taking sera down to Ft Lauderdale to drop her off at Jeff's. She won't be done in time for the VNV show on Saturday, but such is life. At least she'll be back to her old, happy-scrappy self. My house is mostly clean now, which will be nice for as long as it lasts. School's starting up next week, so naturally, I'm heading off to New York for the following weekend. Due to the vagaries of fate and priceline, I'm getting into town at such an hour as there will be no-one to give me a ride from La Guardia to New Jersey, which means I get to experience the wonders of the public transportation system. Yip-skippity-gee-baw! ::sigh:: Clyde (my "real" computer) is back in operation, and so my music collection is once again accessible. The manling's computer is now only lacking a graphics card for delivery. He'll be glad to get it, and I'll be glad to get it to him. It's taken too long by far already. Like so many things...
Anyway, I guess it's time to get the proverbial move on, and set about the day. I hope you all had holidays that didn't suck too bad. Hopefully, I'll be able to update more frequently now that .... aw, fuck it. even odds.
mood: living and breathing
music: Feindflug - grössenwahn (life cried remix)
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