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Maybe I should call a witch-doctor...  
04:32am 08/07/2003
Wow. "Cursed" is the word of the day. I left work yesterday, and went to give some owed money to a friend. I was planning to stop off at a convenience store near his house and get the cash for him. On the way, I almost died... twice. Both times, it was from rush hour traffic, moving along until the vehicle in front of did a panic-stop. The first time was because the driver found an SUV at a dead stop in the middle traffic lane of I-95, my lane. Once I got around this, which was no simple matter in rush hour traffic, I got back up to speed just in time for it to happen again, this time cause by a VW bug stopped in the fast lane, my new lane, less than a mile down the road. Finally, I make it to the ATM, to discover that I'd left my wallet at work. I call tynin, and ask him if my wallet is still on top of the vending machine. It is, so I head back to work. On the way there, traffic again comes to a complete halt, this time because of the WALL of water coming from the sky. The rain only lasted enough to stop traffic, then it dissipated, leaving the road nice and slick, and traffic confused. Once traffic started moving again, Imade it back to work, picked up my wallet, and tynin, then began the voyage home. I was hungry, and the interstate was stalled, so we decided to get McD's little griddle cakes for breakfast. Also, I was really low on gas, so I figured I'd kill 2 birds with one stone, and hit an ATM. The ATM was hit, the money was got, followed by breakfast. We got back in the truck, and went to get gas, whereupon I realized that I'd left my ATM card at the ATM. So back to the ATM, which by now has no sign of my card. ::sigh:: so we pay for the gas with change, and limp home on fumes and hail maries. The gas stations bathroom was broken, btw, and I had to pee. So we make it home, with no other stops, as we were already a good 45 minutes-an hour later than usual. Also, I was reasonably certain that stopping would result in further adventures. So we make it home, and I go to bed. I was supposed to work on my car, but decided against it, not wishing to do it further damnage, and afraid I would, given my current run of luck.

I overslept, and didn't get out of bed until it was too late to take a shower. I broke some dishes trying to make breakfast, and got glass in my bare foot, trying to get out of the kitchen before I got glass in my bare foot. I was late leaving the house. Halfway to work, I realized that I've forgotten both my pills and my door card. Without the pills, ADD takes over, and I have a hard time crossing my "t's" and dotting my "i's". Without the card, getting in and out of the building involves security guards... wheee! I was late getting to work, by about a minute or 2. I tried to go to my bank's website, but my account was locked out, so Icalled them. the lady on the phone said it was because I had used my browser's back-arrow... huh? and graciously reset my password for me. So I tried it again, with the new password... same results. sigh. She was also kind enough to tell me that I would have to use a form on my account's web page to notify them of my lost card. Catch-22 anyone? Anyway, by this time, it was break time. Spring gives me her dice bag for luck. So I head off toward the break room and the vending machines therein. I meet tynin on the way, and we walk together. In the break room, I get a soda and some chips. Then Russ and I go out to smoke. I take him with me because his badge can open the door. Except his badge doesn't open the door. It picks this moment to stop working... sigh. So we get the guards to let us back in, and I start heading back to my desk, when I remember that I had to go pee. So I head for the men's room, and proceed to get my dick caught in my zipper caught in my zipper! AAAgh! Once I stop crying, I go back to my desk, and notice that I don't have spring's bag of dice with me ... damn! So I head back to the break room, and I get Spring's dice bag... and my car keys off the table... and my wallet off the vending machine ... and my change from the 2 machines.

Now I'm back at my desk, afraid to leave it, for fear I might not make it back alive.....
mood: anxiousanxious
music: In Strict Confidence - Burning Angel
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wow ....
02:50am 08/07/2003 (UTC)
holy cow that is a run of bad luck. dude, i'm soo sorry yer luck is soo down right now. I sure hope it gets better before you kill yerself. good luck.
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(no subject)
05:26am 08/07/2003 (UTC)
Nick Charles: Rev
Because you mentioned being a CelNav fan.... I suggest you listen to Track #4 off of Road Train --> Optimist... aww hell, here you go for that immediate gratification... Optimist

of course I assume by clicking this that you already own the cd and will not copy and distribute to 23420923 of your closest friends... etc, etc, etc....blah blah blah...
picword: Rev
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