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and all the minutes, and all the madness, and all the poetry in between the good and badness.  
11:32am 14/02/2005
I've got a design project due tomorrow at 8 in the goddamned morning. I just wasted two hours going to the school's studio, which is much better equipped than mine, especially when one takes into account the fact that I don't have one. Turns out they're not open on mondays anymore... the farking iceholes. But it's allright.  I've got a full bottle of dexidrine, and a nearly-full bottle of Patron Silver, and I'm standing up, so pulling a miracle out of my ass ought to be no problem . I'm quite sure that "Something" is going to get done, and that something shall be done with gusto and enthusiasm... Verve, even. I just hope that something is in some way related to the the assignment the prof's expecting. Wish me luck. (I mean it! WISH, you bastards!)

Oh yeah, and happy Valentine's day...
mood: Crying havok.Crying havok.
music: Pi soundtrack - We've got the fucking gun.
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01:25pm 14/02/2005 (UTC)
The Slayer
It was the heat of the night
And love was a blind ambition
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11:26am 15/02/2005 (UTC)
Happy Post Valentine's Day- Good Luck!
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