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Awake, Aware, Alone.  
03:52pm 15/04/2005
Oddly enough, how I prefer to spend my mornings. The "alone" bit is because I'm usually grumpy in the AM, and am fit company for neither man nor beast. For some reason, Squeak doesn't seem to mind, so she's OK. I suppose I ought to get my hindquarters in gear, and tell the tale of my recent trip to parts north. But priorities must be observed, So I shall first shower and eat, then catch up on email and LJ, and save the serious posting type stuff for when I've taken care of the other stuff. But soon. Very soon. Oh yeah, and happy birthday to boggyb and dragon_fly_gurl. Boggy was a few days ago, and dragon_fly_gurl's is tomorrow. I'm likely going to wish boggyb happy birthday in person, albeit a little belatedly... like, June. But that's another story.
mood: not dead yet
music: clickety clickety of the keyboard's keys
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02:08am 17/04/2005 (UTC)
Don't worry about it - I think I've missed every birthday so far this year of people on my flist. One of these days I'll code that birthday reminder thing...
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