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The trip ... chapter the first.  
08:32pm 17/04/2005
I left my house at around noon and headed for the first stop, Jacksonville. Orlando had been rescinded for some damned reason, which made things a bit easier scheduling-wise. I got to Annikes'es house around 5 or 6 and discovered that she wasn't there. Turns out, she'd been spending a lot of time over at her folk's place. Her roommate had their number, so I called and told her that I was in town. She came over, and there were joyful greetings, happy birthday type stuff, and shortly thereafter we went to see Sin City. (Sin City positively rocks, by the way, especially "Captain Testosterone", played by Mickey Rourke. Also, I dare you to tell me that the psycho-cannibal Erik was not Harry-fucking-Potter. ... aka, "No Frodo, Noooooo!") After Sin city, we went back to her place for a few hours, until it was about midnight-ish and time for me to continue upon my merry way.

I picked up a hitchhiker on the way, named Simian, and had a pretty solid conversation on life and the sexes, and the interesting ways the two screw each-other up. There will be a picture of Simian in my next installment. I arrived in DC later that afternoon, and made my way to the hotel which was an adventure in and of itself. I got myself checked in and set up camp in room 777, which I thought was pretty cool to get for a room number. That's when things got interesting, aka "went horribly wrong".

See, the whole reason for this trip was to pay off a one-drink bet I'd made with velvetslade half a year before and as it turned out, had subsequently lost. I know it seems a slim reason to drive a thousand miles, but hey, it was my birthday, so I figured could use any damned reason for a road trip I wanted to. See, traveling stupidly great distances for extremely petty reasons is the sort of insanity that I have a taste for. Besides, I had the time to spare and quite frankly, I'd rather remember doing something like that for my birthday than just having a party, which any fool can do. (Aha! I'm not just any fool!)

More to follow...
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music: Nine Inch Nails - The Collector
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07:19am 18/04/2005 (UTC)
I thought the psycho-cannibal's name was Kevin? And damn yes, he looked just like Harry Potter - or make that Scary Potter. Freaky movie - very artistic but dark, violent and twisted, all in all I enjoyed it. Didn't it also kind of remind you a bit of Pulp Fiction?

BTW, happy belated birthday!
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