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Not long for this town.  
05:24pm 16/03/2006
With any luck, I'll be moving into a house in West Palm before the summer ends. My son is in dire need of a decent school, and there simply are none of those out here in Belle Glade. I've got a list of properties that seem to be roughly what I'm looking for. Basically, a three bedroom house in a decent neighborhood for around 300k. That's more house than my son and I need, but the place is also going to appreciate like mad, so it's a good investment, I think. So far, the plan is to sell the my current house in Belle Glade, and use the money as one hell of a down payment on the new place. Hopefully, that'll do happy things to the interest rate and monthly payments. At least that's my plan. I've gotten in touch with the realtor springdewSpring Dew used for her place, and the ball is rolling. In the next few days, I'm gonna go over to west palm with the list of potential domiciles, and drive by them to get a better feel for the houses and their respective neighborhoods and shorten the list. Ideally, I'd do this tomorrow, but I've got to work at the Dolly Hand from 7 in the morning until sometime that night tomorrow. And that's enough writing for now. Time to go do things to my resume, as it's getting close to time to get once again, a regular source of income, something bankers are likely to appreciate.
mood: tired
music: Leonard Cohen - Is This What You Wanted?
tags: housing
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