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Made it through Atlanta  
08:17pm 03/02/2007
I left south Florida late Wednesday night, headed for Atlanta, where I was due to pick up the rest of Shadesong's stuff and take it to her in Boston. As I approached Atlanta, a small vibration developed in one of my tires, so I started looking for a place to get the wheels balanced. A few hours later, I found a sears that would do it, or so they claimed. After waiting there for an hour, they sadly informed me that they could not, in fact do this, as their jacks weren't up to lifting the RV I was driving, which is a rather small RV. So they sent me down the road to another Sears, which could. So, an hour behind schedule, I arrive at this new sears, where things go slow... and they finally get the tires balanced, but it turns out that the vibration is caused by one of my tires separating, which means that it'll be dead in a matter of hours. So, now I'm three hours behind schedule, and in need of a tire. It turns out that the tires used by the RV are only made by elves every 3 years in Montana, and are hard to find. Oh, and the guys working at the Sears place went to lunch... So, I wait for them to get back before I ca find out if the place they called for the tires in fact has them. Good news/ bad news. There is a place in town that can get them, but they won't be able to install them until 4 or 5 that afternoon, which will mean that I can't get to atlanta in time to pick up Shady's stuff. So I make use of a yellow pages, and start making calls. A few hours later, I find another place that might have them, So I drive about 20 miles west, to find the place. It's getting near late now, and I might not make it to the storage place in time. I get to the tire place, and he doesn't have the right tires, but he does have something close to them. The tires he has are not the truck tires the RV wants, but are car tires that happen to be the same size. Basically, they are candy-assed versions of the right tire, but they'll work, so I get one on the RV and one for a spare, and get my ass back on the road. I make it to Atlanta in time (around 5) and load all he rest of the stuff into the RV, but with a gimpy tire, and a grossly overloaded suspension system, I'm loathe to drive to Boston. I'm even more loath to go when The candy-assed version I'm driving on blows out. ... ::sigh:: So, I replace it, buy another spare at a sears, and hie my backside hence to a u-haul, which I get to about 10 minutes before they close. The fellow behind the counter makes a joke about how the last customer of the night is always a problem... and I laugh, and he laughs, because he though he was just kidding, see? I get a trailer, and I start loading it with the stuff from the RV, while his assistant starts hooking up the lights. The lights won't work. I help him and his boss with the lights, and intermittently move stuff into the trailer, for the next 2-3 hours. Finally, the lights are made to work, and I get on the road at like 9pm, about 9 hours behind schedule. I made it to boston the next day, and that's were the tale gets interesting. To be continued...
location: Eldemar
mood: cheerfulcheerful
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