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(no subject)  
02:35am 04/02/2007
So I make it to Boston in the afternoon of Thursday, having crossed the 48-hour mark for wakefulness and the MA border at about the same time. Managed to find Shady and Adam's house a bit faster than the last time, and knocked on their door. We got the uhaul unloaded as night fell, and the temperature fell alarmingly. I had a pretty bad time of it, as unbeknownst to me, I had managed to become rather severly dehydrated on the way up. I was ok once I got some water in me, though. Then I slept for a while, and the next day unloaded the rest of the stuff and got the trailer back to the uhaul place. More sleeping, and then it was Sunday. At some point that day, I got up, and went down to the RV to do something or other, on my way back in, I saw this incredibly good-looking redhead walking up to the house. I meant to say hello, but for some damned reason, had a hard time forming words. She said "Hi", and so I was saved from embarrassing myself too badly. It turned out that she was Alanya, whom Shady had been meaning to introduce me to. Shady had described her to me as a "really hot redhead" and had done rather a poor job of it, I thought. Then again, I don't think I could do a better one, so it's not her fault. We went upstairs, and there was some chatting and some movie watching, and then once everyone else had gone to bed, She and I had the living room to ourselves. I was all upset because I had to leave around 5 in the morning, to get to PA, for a court thing involving my youngest son, and I was loathe to go. But we had a few good hours (well, better than good, I think) before the appointed time and I tried to make the most of them. Then, it was 5, and I left. I was on the road for about an hour before I checked over the papers, and found out for certain that I was an idiot. My court thing was not until Tuesday, which gave me another whole day and (more importantly) night in Boston. I turned around as soon as I could, and high-tailed it back to Boston. I don't recall ever having been so glad to be a dumbass.

I spent the day with Alanya, and then we went back to Shady's place for a while before going out to some club, where a good time was had, and there was even some getting on of the boogie. Usually, when I dance, I don't like anyone near me. I tend to flail about more than a bit, you see, and I would hate to accidentally bruise anyone. But for some reason, I didn't mind dancing with her next to me, and at some points, it even seemed to me that we were dancing together, which for me is unheard of. But hey, it's seeming to me by now that a lot of my "rules" were being ignored when she was around, so what's one more? After the club, we went back to Shady's place, and the details are none of your business, but I will say that when 5 AM came again, I was even more reluctant to depart than I had been the previous morning. Honestly, not too many years ago (like 2), I'd have quickly gathered my stuff, and be moving to Boston by now. Damned maturity (old age), getting in my way like this..... grrr.

To be continued, when the events of PA, and my journey back to Eldemar shall be told.
location: Eledmar
mood: cheerfulcheerful
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(no subject)
07:14pm 04/02/2007 (UTC)
Alanya: curve
hey! i think the details *are* my business!
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