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Today. and last week.  
12:19am 12/03/2007
Today we brought grandma home from the hospital. It was good, because being off her feet for nine days was really rough on her. Once she got to smoke again, she was a bit better. I started a new job last week. I think I'm gonna like it there. It's doing helpdesk tech support for an online university... let's call them... "cap land". What's weird about the job is that I'm the smallest guy on my team. The other three guys are between 6'4" -6'6" and from 250-300 lbs.
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08:40pm 12/03/2007 (UTC)
You know, we still haven't seen your house...and I think we still have some of your stuff in the back of our closet of holding...I think it might be an amp and some other stuff...I have no idea, we try not to look to closely to the back of that dark place. :)
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09:11pm 12/03/2007 (UTC)
You should come by and see it. I know I live awfully far away from you guys... ::cough, cough:: But still. And yeah, I was wondering where my base and amp had got to...
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