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Back from Belle Glade!  
05:05pm 12/03/2007
Fun fact - Did you know that if you're going over a hundred miles an hour you have to appear in court? It's true. My court date is set for April the third. Probably didn't help that I told the officer to write fast when I gave him my license and stuff. I was in a hurry, though. See my aunt is sueing my mother for custody of my grandmother. Well, she's not exactly sueing her, but that's what it amounts to. It's all bull, but it's blocked the sale of one of my grandmother's houses, which makes things more of a bitch than they would otherwise be. Anyway, that's relevant because I was halfway there, to pick up Kevin's passport, when I called and found out that Margaret had left her phone there, and that Dorothy had shown up just after she had left... Now, when someone who's suing your family shows up right after your family has left the house, you need to get there with a quickness. Which I did, unfortunately earning myself a speeding ticket on the way. Dorothy left shortly after I arrived. There shall be more comment on the details of that later. The good news is that I remembered to get Kevin's Birth certificate, and now am going to go get his passport photos taken, and I guess actually getting him down to the post office will have to wait until Next Monday... But there still ought to be time.
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