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A query, a request, but more like a shot in the dark.  
07:41pm 16/03/2007
There is this piece of software I used, way back when I was working for Verio. It was called Smartboard 2000, and I think it is now dead and gone. I'm hoping against hope that someone out there (perhaps one of you e-packrats ... you know who you are) has kept, somewhere, an installer for it. The only one I could find is an ad-supported version that smells like spyware, and gets its ass promptly kicked on every boot. I recall there was a crack available at one time, but no self-respecting warez site would bother to maintain such a thing after this long, at least none that I've found. I am fully aware that my odds of success here suck out loud, but hope springs eternal.
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02:22am 17/03/2007 (UTC)
Jessica Rose: stoned geek
after a little research, we found that the program's support stopped in '99, and it was updated to smartboardXP in '02. there is a new program that is comparable, called X2Net Smartboard, which can be found at X2net.com. the boyfriend couldnt find a crack for it though, and i have no way of knowing if this isnt already what you found.
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04:50pm 17/03/2007 (UTC)
than-q. I appreciate the time you took. I remember the xp version, but what I remember most about it is that it was a lot more annoying than the earlier version, and didn't do anything I needed that the earlier one didn't do. Maybe I'm a fogie now, but I think the old version was better. Kinda like Winamp, i think, which was at its best at version 2.95, before it got all bloated and stuff.
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11:38pm 17/03/2007 (UTC)
Jessica Rose: Jessica
you are most welcome and it was our pleasure to help.
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