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If you should call your company's help desk...  
08:23pm 16/03/2007
One of my co-workers here in the land of caps just got his first death threat. I'm so excited for him. The usual causes. A frustrated caller, upset by circumstances beyond his control, feels that he is not being supplied with the degree of assistance he deserves, and so decides that the proper course of action is to motivate the person he's talking to by impressing upon them how strongly he feels about the issue. Naturally, this motivational speech must be memorable, so terms deemed likely to make an impression are used. Terms like "my gun" and "your office", for instance. Unfortunately for the caller, the mindset which engenders such motivational speaking can cause one to forget certain aspects of the situation which, in retrospect, may prove quite significant. Aspects like the nature of his relationship with the organization he's talking to, for one. In this case, an employee/employer relationship. (ouch!) Another possibly relevant aspect could be the fact that he had, only moments before, given his full name and position within the company to the party he wished to motivate. (whoopsie!) Good times! Good times.
location: salt mines
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: Rein[Forced] - Waster ([ DigitalGunfire.com ] - Long Range, Hard Hitting!)
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