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A good idea, poorly executed.  
11:24am 17/03/2007
My house mate, it would seem, has a fan. Some mysterious mystery person out there in the great big 'ole world has taken an interest in her emotional well-being, and has been sending her emails via myspace. Nothing weird about that, at all, at all. But, like so many things, it's the content that makes them special, and indicates that the sender is perhaps a bit special, as well. The whole situation is pretty much done with, it would seem, because she (my house mate) finally got irritated enough by the mysterious mystery girl's insistence that they knew each-other and refusal to identify herself that she blocked receipt of myspace messages from her. Basically, someone, using the myspace name "Angie", decided to tattle on me by reporting to my house mate that I was getting both snuggly and wuggly with ayalanya. There was even proof offered, in the form of Livejournal entries posted by Al (ayalanya) and, I believe, a copy-paste of conversations between Al and I. (I'm not sure about that last bit, because Scotti deleted them before I got a chance to see them, because she had no interest in them, and because she didn't really think that what my girlfriend and I said to each-other was any of her business. The fact that she has so much class is one of the reasons she's one of my oldest and dearest friends, and one of the only people I trust to live in the same house as my 14 year old son, referred to by me as the manling. But I digress...

I can only assume that Angie was (is?) under the impression that my house mate and I are romantically involved, and was endeavoring to serve my house mate's emotional best interests by revealing my infidelity to her. Of course, this was the action of a friend, and not someone just trying to bring some drama to disturb my domestic tranquility. The best of intentions, clearly. But, just as clearly, the worst of research. See, not too long ago, the most wondrous Alanya came down to visit me... at my house ... which I share with the aforementioned "house mate", and was introduced all around. Granted, at such times as Alanya and I were having really ... "really" good sex, we were careful to be as quiet as possible, in an effort to be considerate of Scotti, who's bedroom is next to mine. So it's possible that she was not technically aware of the specific instances of advanced intimate recreation taking place in the next room. Nevertheless, I do believe that she was generally hep to the fact that, at some point (if not several points) during the 3 days Alanya was sharing my bed at our house, and the 2 days she and I spent up in Orlando, there was nookie.

Lastly, I would like to say that, while I do appreciate the fact that someone out there has the best interests of my friend at heart, I feel I should offer the following advice, if only in the hopes that the next time they try to bring some drama, it might be a bit more effective. Remember, Angie - research is your friend, as is the application of a bit of deductive reasoning. For example, if the post(s) which indicate that something is going on are freely available to any bozo with a dialup account, one can deduce that the goings on thusly indicated are not meant to be a secret.

In the words of my favorite happy bunny, Run along and die now. :-)
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