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Blaaaaammm! and the bitch goes DOWN!  
01:45pm 24/03/2007
Last week, I "worked" on Saturday, and all was well. No calls, no issues, nothing to do but wander around the 'net. This week is a different story. Our networking people have done ... "something" to our internal network. No Active Directory login, no network drives, no exchange server, and no joy. (Yes, it's a M$ shop, damnit) At least I can still access the outside, and although they blocked access to digitalgunfire, the bestest streaming radio on the net, they only blocked access to their site, not the stream itself! Yay, poor attention to detail!

In other news, Al is currently having some difficulty getting past the gate agent, on her way down here. I wish I were there, instead of here. But if I were there, the whole situation would be different, a she would likely not be on her way down here, and so the point would be moot. ::sigh:: My little sister in on the case, though, so hopefully things will work out for the best. My little sister, FYI, is a pilot for the airline in question, and is the one bringing Al down here via a magical thing called a buddy pass. I really don't like using buddy passes, because of how you get treated. It's like they think that because you're only paying "cost" for your transit, that the rule of common decency and polite interaction are suspended, and it's ok to be rude and just generally mean. We'll have to see how it plays out.

In still other news, My grandmother's memorial service will be held on Saturday, the 31st, at the methodist church in Belle Glade. More about her later.
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06:13pm 24/03/2007 (UTC)
Don't suppose there's anything her little sister can do from this end, at least in the future?
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06:16pm 24/03/2007 (UTC)
Well, not unless you could get the gate agent good and drunk beforehand... hrmmm... I like that idea!

But seriously, no. She made it into the sky a bit ago, and all seems to be well. Than-q, though.
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06:18pm 24/03/2007 (UTC)
Get the gate agent drunk ... hmm ... I like this idea. It's been far too long since I used my sexy powers for evil.

'tis but my duty. *bows chivalrously*
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09:40pm 27/03/2007 (UTC)
Speaking of coding/hacking/networking - thoght you might get a kick out of this:

PS - Sorry to hear about your grandmother
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