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Stuff, and goings on.  
08:30pm 02/04/2007
First off, my grandmother's memorial service was pretty well done, as such things. The preacher didn't do too much in the way of preaching, which was good because he didn't know her, and didn't try to pretend that he did. There was some singing, and some praying, and some preaching, and then he passed the mic around, so most of time of the service was used by people talking about their memories of her. Then there was some more singing, and another prayer, and soon afterward, cake was served. So yeah. A fine send-off, I thought.

I've been busy the last few weeks trying to get the family affairs in order, and won't bore you with the details. Well, I might, but not now. We managed to get all (we hope) of the relevant information to the tax lady, and so now it's just a matter of waiting for her to do the sacred maths, and present us with the bill. None of this was made easier by the perhaps well-intentioned but definitely misguided actions of my aunt, the never-to-be-sufficiently-damned be-yatch who shall remain nameless until the issue is settled, and I can talk all the shit I want about her. She says that she's dropped it, and won't bring anymore, and I could probably record my true feelings about her now, but I'm not sure that she's not going to try to bring more bullshit while my grandmother's estate is tied up in probate, so I'm gonna keep my trap shut as to exactly what manner of bullshit she did endeavor to bring.

So, my attempt to quit smoking was going just fine, until my grandmother died... sigh. Oh well. I'll quit again in a few weeks, once all the current big problems have been handled.

I managed to get my income tax stuff done, and that will be good, once it gets processed and I get my refund. Also, I found out what needs to happen to get my property taxes paid, and that'll be happening sometime soon, I hope. Also, I managed to get my vehicle registration renewed, before it expired this time, so yay.

There's not a lot really exciting going on at the moment, but soon, I think, there will be. We'll have to see how this week goes.
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